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The innovative &  eco-friendly, shampoo bar for washing your pet

Made from all natural and naturally - derived ingredients, this pet wash bar is like no other. Manufactured in the heart of Somerset, with no water and no heating involved in the production process. With no plastic packaging, Ned Pet Care wash bars are the MOST eco-friendly bars you can use for your dog.

By using powdered ingredients, essential oils and no harsh chemicals, our natural contents keep all their important properties. Ned Pet Care wash bars are pH balanced to not only be effective at cleansing but gentle on your pet.

Most importantly of all, Ned Pet Care wash bars are made with your pet in mind. The quick foaming and easy rinse formulation makes it easy to wash your dog all over with minimal fuss. Because our bars work equally well with both warm and cold water, it doesn’t matter if it’s a long pamper session or a quick hose down!


Our Pet Shampoo Bars

FREE Delivery - Just order 2 shampoo bars or more


Low Carbon Pawprint

Manufactured using green energy and without wasteful plastics


Naturally Gentle

We carefully select natural plant materials and essential oils to produce a gentle and effective shampoo bar


Kind to fur
& skin

Caring for your pooch is paramount to us, that’s why we only use products that are super gentle to both fur and skin


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